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"Lockdown mishap" (Animal TF Caption)

A little story inspired by the current situation... And remember: stay safe, stay home, be a dog.


"Fleshcrafting pottery" (M2F Caption)

What a lovely feeling, to be molded and shaped according to someone else's will and desires... but maybe they are not just someone else's ?

[L: Updated the pic since blogspot didn't seem to have it full-size, sorry!]


"The cat breeder" (Animal TF Photomanip + Caption)

Some people are living quite the good life, while for others it's pretty much different. Just a matter of finding your own place... And for ZoƩ, this place is changing now.
[A: It's been too long since my last feline TF manip! See the source pic in my "hideout" page (link on top bar) to appreciate it better.]


"Back to the 60's" (M2F Caption)

Now the question is, what would have happened if the wish was simply to get back to the 60's? Probably something similar...


"You are an animal now" (Animal TF Caption)

The way that witch is looking into her victim's eye tells you should not mess with her.